One weekend I took a short trip to Prague with another volunteer from Pilsen. I will tell you about what we experienced below.

It started on Saturday morning at 7:40 am at the bus station in Pilsen. With too little sleep, high expectations and great anticipation, we made our way to the Czech capital. After a 90-minute trip, we finally arrived and I was enchanted by the atmosphere there. The beautiful old buildings, trams and sweet alleyways captivated me immediately. There was something to see on every corner and so I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures. Since we also met with other volunteers from Prague, we had other people at our side who could show us Prague and were familiar with it.

Of course, first we had to do the tourist thing and visit all the typical tourist attractions and sights. The Charles Bridge, especially at night, and also the John Lennon Wall were real highlights for me and definitely worth a visit. At the latter attraction, we even met a gentleman whom we uncovered as John Lennon’s doppelgänger. So what else could we do but take a Beatles-style photo with him? We were also at the Head of Franz Kafka, which was, of course, a great pleasure for me as a literature lover. 

Aber auch ansonsten war der Ausflug ein voller Erfolg. Wir waren insgesamt in einer Gruppe von fünf Mädels unterwegs und so kam auch der Spaß keineswegs zu kurz. So ließen wir uns bei einem Weinfest im botanischen Garten von tschechischen Schlagern (zumindest klang es so für mich) beschallen und auf einer Bootsfahrt erhaschten wir einen ganz anderen Blick auf Prag. Durch die heißen Temperaturen – auch im September- war es zwar etwas anstrengend, aber die Schönheit der Stadt sorgte für den idealen Ausgleich. Wie man also merkt, komme ich aus dem Schwärmen kaum mehr heraus. 

But in other ways, too, the excursion was a complete success. We were in a group of five girls, which meant we had plenty of fun. For example, at a wine festival in the botanical garden we listened to Czech hits (at least that’s how it sounded to me) and on a boat trip we got a completely different view of Prague. Due to the hot temperatures – even in September – it was a bit exhausting, but the beauty of the city provided the ideal balance. So, as you can see, I can hardly stop raving about it.

In addition to the sightseeing programme, the culinary aspects were not to be missed. But it is also hard to resist treats when the scent of fresh trdelnik wafts towards you at every corner. And so, after an incredible 18,000 steps and with a lot of hunger, we returned to a restaurant that offered classic Czech dishes in vegan versions. For me as a vegetarian, this was perfect, as it allowed me to maintain my diet but, at the same time, not have to miss out on the national dishes. For dessert, there was also ice cream at “Creme de la Creme”, where the queue was very long, but the ice cream was all the more delicious. The ice cream parlour really lived up to its name.

With plenty of great impressions and new friendships, we went back to Pilsen from Prague on Sunday evening. Although I have also found Pilsen to be to my liking, it does not come close to Prague for me personally. Even though the “Paris of the East” attracts a lot of tourists and stag parties, for me the entire city, with its different quarters and aspects, is a place that I could only fall in love with. So I will be back soon to soak up and enjoy much more of the atmosphere of the city…

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