Youth conference “Participation – more than just elections“

Youth conference “Participation – more than just elections“

Youth conference “Participation – more than just elections“
20230616 - 20230618
Schloss Nečtiny, Tschechien
Jugendkonferenz 2023 "Partizipation - Mehr als nur Wahlen"
deutsch und tschechisch (es wird simultan gedolmetscht)
Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.

From 16 to 18 June 2023 the third German-Czech youth conference “Participation – more than just elections” will take place at Nečtiny Castle near Pilsen (CZ). The conference is aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 26. It is organised by the ahoj.info team, which consists of the two volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps at Tandem. We would like to deal with the topics of political participation and public dialogue on that weekend. The registration period ends on 02.06.2023.

Active political participation is the cornerstone of democracy. Only those who participate actively in what is happening can help shape the future of tomorrow. In view of current problems, such as the climate crisis, this form of participation is also becoming increasingly important for young people.
But does political participation simply mean going to vote every few years? And what about young people who are still too young to vote? We would like to explore with you the question of what other opportunities there are for participating in political events.
How does public debate influence policy and how can we participate in it? What opportunities do young people under the age of eighteen have to express themselves? What space do the media give to topics that are important to young people and how are they presented?
If you find these questions interesting and want to find out more and discuss them, take part in the 2023 Youth Conference! There, you will not only have the opportunity to participate in a series of lectures, workshops and discussions, but you will also get to know many other young people from Germany and the Czech Republic.

Registration is now possible via the following link:
The registration deadline is 02.06.2023!

The programme for the event can be found here.


The travel expenses for participants from Germany will be reimbursed 100%.

All of the information at a glance:
– Topic: Participation – more than just elections
– Participants: young people between the ages of 16 and 26 from Germany and the Czech Republic
– Location: Nečtiny Castle, Pilsen
– Date: 16.06.–18.06.2023
– Participation is free of charge.
– The travel costs for participants from Germany will be reimbursed 100% (bus or train: 2nd class)
– Transport from Pilsen to Nečtiny Castle will be organised by Tandem.
– Participants are insured against accident and liability during the event.
– Deadline for registration: 02 June 2023
– Tom from the ahoj.info team will be happy to answer any questions at: tom@ahoj.info

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