Would you like to discover the world after school or after your vocational training or studies? Do you not only want to gain new experiences, but also to do something meaningful? Volunteer service in Germany or the Czech Republic through the European Solidarity Corps gives you the opportunity to expand your perspectives and develop your personality. We don't just offer you volunteer service in one of the Tandem offices. Through our volunteer centre, you also have the opportunity to complete volunteer service in a German-Czech partner institution.

“Volunteer service at Tandem has opened up a whole new world for me. A world of Czech-German cooperation, educational seminars and great and inspiring people."

Adéla H., volunteer at the ahoj.info project in 2017


What should you expect?

The ahoj.info project thrives on collaboration. As a volunteer, you become part of a team.  One volunteer is from the Czech Republic and works in the Tandem office in Regensburg and the second one is from Germany and works in the Tandem office in Pilsen. Together you form the ahoj.info project.

Together you manage the social media channels of ahoj.info and this website, write articles, talk about interesting German-Czech topics and provide information about your volunteer service and the European Solidarity Corps. In addition, you will have the opportunity to prepare, conduct and follow up on two events for German and Czech young people during your volunteer year. In the spring, the ahoj.info team offers young people from Germany and the Czech Republic a video workshop in Waldmünchen (Bavaria) and in the summer, the volunteers organise a multi-day youth conference in the Czech Republic. There are hardly any limits to your creativity in terms of topic and approach.

In addition, you are expected to participate in other Tandem events and take an active role and take photos, for example.

Volunteer service in figures:

  • Volunteer service at Tandem usually lasts one year and usually starts on 1 September.
  • You work 35 hours per week and are entitled to 24 days of leave.
  • You will receive a set allowance and money for meals each month.
  • We provide you a place to stay.
  • During the volunteer service, you will take part in an (online) language course and have the opportunity to take other courses.

This is what you should bring with you:

If you are thinking about doing volunteer service at Tandem, these points should ideally apply to you:

  • You are between 18 and 30 years old and reside in Germany or the Czech Republic.
  • You are open to new languages and are also willing to learn a new language in the course of your volunteering.
  • You have a communicative and open personality and enjoy working in mixed-language teams.
  • You are interested in German-Czech cooperation and enjoy working with young people.
  • You are interested in online journalism, international youth work and event management.
Lucie Kučerová freut sich über Deine Bewerbung.

How to become a Tandem volunteer

If you want to apply to Tandem as a volunteer, you must do the following:

1) Simply write an email in German or Czech, in which you introduce yourself briefly and explain your reasons for applying (letter of motivation) to Lucie Kučerová from our Tandem Volunteer Centre. She can be reached at: Kucerova@tandem-org.cz. Please enter “Application – Volunteer Service ahoj.info” as the subject. Add your CV as an attachment to this email. This should be in German, Czech or English. On the German side, Stefanie Schütz is the contact person for the ahoj.info project. She can be reached at: schuetz@tandem-org.de

2) Register in the ESK contact database ESK-Kontaktdatenbank.

Applications are possible on an ongoing basis. More information can be found in our call for applications.  After the deadline, the candidates will be invited to an online interview. A volunteer position can only be guaranteed after approval of the grant application by the Czech National Agency.

Volunteer Centre

Placement for volunteer service at partner institutions

In addition to its own volunteer positions at ahoj.info, Tandem also arranges other volunteer positions in a German-Czech context. These can be divided into the following areas:

  • Intercultural education with creativity in publishing
  • Volunteer service in preschool facilities
  • Volunteer service in an institution with a focus on “Cultural Event Management”

Open positions with our partners

Here you will find an overview of the vacancies for the current year from the start of the application period in the spring.

European Solidarity Corps

The Tandem Volunteer Centre focuses on volunteer projects from the European Solidarity Corps programme. An important aspect of the European Solidarity Corps is the inclusion of young people who are socially disadvantaged, but are also disadvantaged in terms of their health or linguistically. The European Solidarity Corps project is intended to enable them to volunteer abroad. The volunteer projects also contribute to the intercultural enrichment of local communities and support interregional cooperation.

The priorities of the European Solidarity Corps 2021-2027 programme period are as follows:

  • Inclusion and diversity: involving as many organisations as possible, but also individuals, in solidarity activity.
  • Sustainability: implementing projects in the most environmentally friendly way possible and sensitising participants to environmental issues.
  • Digitisation: enabling hybrid activities and supporting activities to strengthen digital skills.
  • Participation: promoting the participation of young people in democratic processes and their voluntary commitment.
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